Wolvey Wolf

ASWAR's press release concerning the new proposal for wind turbines to be built at Wolvey Wolf

Michael Fallon, Energy Minister (until the re-shuffle), has confirmed that there are enough wind turbines already consented to meet the government’s EU imposed 2020 targets for renewable energy*. 

Therefore any more wind turbines, that produce inefficient, small amounts of intermittent energy, are an unnecessary desecration of the countryside and residents property values, while because of the ‘green’ subsidises, their only efficient contribution is to take money from people’s electricity bills and transfer it into wealthy landowners and overseas turbine manufacturers pockets, all of which we do not see as being in the interests of the community. 

*(see attached Pdf of May 5th 2014 from John Constable of the Renewable Energy Foundation for specific numbers on this question).” 

A new Action Group called WASTE (Wolvey Against Subsidised Turbine Energy) is being organised by 

  • Rachel Holloway
    Email: rachel@holloway.net
    Telephone: 01455 220788
  • Congratulations to WASTE for organising the June 20th meeting at which 180 people attended, voting 175 to 6 (which included 4 abstentions) against the monstrous proposal for gigantic turbines.

• Deadline for Planning Objections to the Meteorological Mast has now passed – Over 200 letters have been registered objecting to this application - WASTE would therefore like to sincerely thank everyone who is very clearly concerned and took time to write letters of objection. Your support has been totally amazing!!  

Rugby Borough Council Planning Committee are meeting on September 24th to decide.  we all need to be there to witness the committee in action. 

Rugby Borough Council Planning Committee Members will make a decision regarding this application for a meteorological mast.  Albeit our elected Cllrs on the Planning Committee will be aware of how many objections have been received by RBC, we need to actually be there to fill the Town Hall Chamber and Gallery. Our hopeful mass attendance will clearly indicate to our elected borough council representatives just how strongly we object to this application.

Our presence will also help ensure the following:-

a) Requested conditions are clearly referred to by our Cllrs and taken note of

b) These perfectly reasonable conditions are attached to any permission given

Please visit the new website www.wastewolvey.com for important updates. When the Planning Meeting date is announced please keep the date free to show your support in person. We will be meeting by the steps of the Town Hall, Rugby at 5pm. Before reporting on the outcome of this important meeting, the press will be present to capture the extent of our opposition before we go into the Council Chamber at 5.30pm.

Below is a map of the proposal.  click this link for important updates.

Wolston Wolf wind turbine proposal