Press Release April 2013

The massive Robert McAlpine building and construction Group has announced it intends to submit new wind turbine proposals to be called Swift Wind Farm, north of Churchover.

Following a hurriedly arranged, well attended, community meeting the following letter was sent to local politicians:


Dear Councillors,


 We are coming under attack for a second time. We appeal to you our political representatives around Rugby to be ready to help us again.

We, the community around Churchover are again the victims of the wind turbine subsidy scam.

John Hayes, when Energy Minister, said there are enough wind turbines built or been given planning permission already to meet the EU directive on renewable energy.

The economic scam of wind turbines increases electricity bills, undermines the competitiveness of British industry, drives jobs off-shore and ordinary people into fuel poverty.

There are no rational reasons why any more intermittent, anti-environmental, wind turbines need to be built.

It is pure greed that this company RES, a subsidiary of the massive Robert McAlpine Construction Group and the land owners wish to farm and cash-in on wind subsidies.

From a local point of view, the community with over 90% against the turbines, fought for two years and defeated Scottish and Southern (now called SSE and recently fined £10m for mis-selling), one of the UK’s largest energy companies.

People are devastated that another company has the arrogance to tell us that it is for our own good that they want to ruin a conservation village with a listed church that has dominated the meandering swift valley, Warwickshire heritage beauty spot for over 1000 years, with industrial turbines five times the height of the church spire.

Why should a small community be bullied for a second time, just because there is a cheap Grid connection locally that will increase the profits of this major building group when they concrete across the green fields with their environmentally unfriendly industrial turbines?

They want to put us all through the agony and worry over the health hazards of low frequency infra-sound. It is important that Rugby Borough Council considers a precautionary minimum 2Km set-back policy between tall turbines from homes to protect Borough residents.

Though we feel physically sick from the trauma all over again we are confident this small threatened community will pull together and with the help of friends across the nation, will defeat these arrogant, greedy people."