Capturing the rural vote

Charles Moore in The Spectator poses the question of which Political Party will recognise that the rural vote is up for grabs.


Last year, in the run-up to the Copenhagen climate summit, Gordon Brown said that we had only ‘50 days to save the world’. The summit failed to achieve his goals, but the world has not ended, and Copenhagen’s successor, in Cancun this week, excites little interest.

No government has yet recanted its climate-change alarmism publicly, but most have gone rather quiet.

This does not mean, however, that governments are about to get rid of the taxes, regulations and extra costs which have been imposed in the name of the environment. Quite soon, this will explode politically.

Outside London, I find that the main subject of public policy conversation is wind farms, and almost every single person who is not getting money out of them is against them. How long before a mainstream political party sees the votes in this?

Editor's addition April 2013:-

Unfortunately for the three main parties in Paliament it seems that UKIP has taken up the baton on windfarm subsides and is hoovering in the votes.