Why call it a scam?

 Surely it is over the top to use the word 'scam' and suggest that the public are being fleeced to pay for the vanity of politicians?  Bear with us!  

The Definition of a Scam is   “An attempt to swindle people which involves gaining their confidence”

David Bellamy says “ Wind power is a swindle… please read ‘The windfarm scam’ by Dr John Etherington and find out why.”        Click here to see Amazon's best price

Let us give an example of the subsidised windfarm scam.

The Swedish owners of the New Thanet off-shore wind farm will receive £1.2bn in subsidies, paid for by you and me, hidden within the electricity prices we pay.

Humour us for a moment while we quickly give some figures.

The Government’s Energy Secretary, Mr Huhne’s own department says off-shore wind farms operate at only 26% of capacity.

The owners say it has a 300 MW capacity which means it will give on average 75MW of electricity, which, of course, is only a fraction of a proper power station.

This 75MW will receive a £60m subsidy p.a. on top of what it gets for the electricity, guaranteed for 20 years, adding up to a subsidy of around £1.2bn. 

The wind lobby say we need the jobs.  Well it is reported it will create 21 permanent jobs.  Receiving a subsidy of £57m per job!  (read more)

Turbines are all built outside the UK and on average only 20% of the total windfarm investment is spent in the UK.

Our conclusion is that it is a wasteful and useless expenditure that adds unnecessary cost to our electricity, increases fuel poverty, destroys jobs (read more) and we consumers are being fleeced to pay for the vanity of politicians when they should be trying to reduce the national deficit.

Does this not have to be called a scam ?