How To Help

The current focus of where you can help is to send an objection to Rugby planning dept before June 11th.  We also need to raise funds to fight at the planning inspector's appeal hearing in September.

This is your opportunity to give practical help to keep the Upper Swift Valley wind-turbine-free, following McAlpine/RES putting in a second identical application while the first one has been called-in by the Government for an inquiry starting in September.

Please don't leave it to others - act yourself today!

You can do this in the following ways:

1. Send your objection now to the Rugby planning Dept by June 11th.

It is important to send your objection to
WRITE to: Nathan Lowde, Rugby Borough Council, Town Hall, Evreux Way, Rugby, CV21 2RR

Please remember to mention your name and address, and the reference number R15/0908, in your objections.

We suggest you mention ‘on Heritage and Landscape grounds’ in your objection reason and anything else you want to add, for example the paragraph below.

"The setting of the heritage church in the conservation village, that has dominated the beautiful meandering Upper Swift Valley for 1000 years, will be industrialised and ruined". 

If you need a reminder of pertinent reasons for objection, take a look at the Letters of Objection page.


2. Make a donation towards hiring a top barrister to present our excellent case and cross-examine the opposition at the appeal hearing

For the community to win, it is vital we are represented at the Called-In Appeal Hearing by a top barrister. We have now raised  £10,000  Thea Osmund-Smith, who was recently rated in the top ten Barristers in the country aged below 35, specialises in Heritage with wind turbine experience, has been instructed and is already preparing our case for the hearing in September 2015.

Click here to see instructions on how to make a donation


3. Of course, any other help is welcome

Please get in touch if you would like to help in other ways.