Pailton PC Objection

Pailton Parish Council have voted formally to OBJECT to planning proposal R12/2009 for the reasons given below...


  • It will be adding to the cumulative visual impact of the already numerous wind farm sites in the Rugby rural area.
  • Whilst under construction, damage will be done to this important natural site with the added danger of the pollution of river Swift.
  • It will destroy the peaceful environment for walkers, visitors and wildlife and the amenity value of the rights of way across the beautiful Upper Swift Valley will be ruined.
  • It will destroy and overpower the beautiful views of an ancient settlement with its listed buildings.
  • It will dominate the views of the ancient Holy Trinity church.
  • Once the turbines have been dismantled (presumably) after 20+ years, hundreds of tons of concrete will remain insitu – reducing this from a Greenfield site to Brownfield site – and the peaceful and unspoilt rural valley will be lost forever.
  • The turbines with their noise will be only about half a mile from a number of residences whose views will be spoilt and whose health will be threatened.