Electricity prices

Increase in Electricity prices


The Government’s own figures as quoted in The Economist Magazine July 31 2010 are:

“ Green policies will raise domestic gas prices by 2020 by 18% and electricity prices by 33%. For non-domestic users (ie business) the impact will be greater 24% and 43% respectively  -  and other estimates put the figures higher still”

At this moment some 15% of the electricity prices is due to “ renewable” policies imposed by the Climate Change Act of 2008, following EU directives and so domestic electricity prices will have increased by 50% at least due to “renewable” subsidises by 2020.

(Click here to read an article suggesting prices will have to rise by 300% by 2020 to pay for the present energy policy)


Spain has announced a 35% cut in windfarm subsidises to help their country’s financial deficit.


Should not the UK follow suit to reduce fuel poverty and loss of jobs?