The Arguments

There are three levels at which people object to windfarms

1) There are arguments surrounding the theory of man-made global warming.

We are not climate scientists and haven’t a clue whether the globe is warming or cooling and whether man can significantly influence it or not and  will leave that to the 'warmists' and 'sceptics' to argue about. What is interesting is that the warmists have admitted that there has been a stand-still in global warming for 16 years while CO2 continues to rise, that seems to undermine their primary alarmist argument.  

Listen here to an interview with world renowned MIT Atmospheric Sciences Professor Richard Lindzen who clarifies the issue as one of speed of change and that the alarmists have created a delusional age. He says a carbon tax gives no benefit.

2) The issues around the economics and inefficiencies of intermittent windfarms.

These are not allowed to be taken into account in the local authority's determination of permission. Nevertheless ASWAR believes people should be informed about the Windfarm Scam as it is a part of normal life in a democracy to try to influence politicians to get good value for money.

The windfarm lobby spends millions in propaganda and it is important we counteract where they give misinformation with a factual presentation of the case. 


Wind economics

Property Values


3) There are NIMBY issues on which the local planning officers will determine their recommendation.

This is where we have the strongest case against any proposal to disfigure and devastate a beautiful area. 

Churchover Church is an historic landmark and its visual dominance of the Swift Valley which is one of Warwickshire's most beautiful heritage areas, will be compromised as would the open skies, the conservation area and other listed buildings. Numerous other windfarm proposals have been turned down on similar and less strong cases.

Health threats like turbine noise and flicker must not be swept under the table.

The threat to ecology and wildlife is real.

The question of the safety of turbines to foot/bridlepaths and habitation needs guaranteeing.


Noise & Health