Harborough District Objection

Harborough District Council have commented and raised objections to the application, details of which can be read below.

This application has raised a number of concerns from consultees relating to the proposal’s impact on the District’s landscape and the villages that lie close to the site of the proposed turbines.  The LPA would wish to raise objections with regard to the proposal’s very significant impact on the landscape of the area, and on the setting of the villages of Cotesbach and Shawell, as well as Churchover in your district, and on the setting of the Grade II* listed parish churches at Cotesbach and Shawell, and would also raise concerns with regard to the proposal’s impact on the setting of numerous Grade II listed buildings and other heritage assets in and around those villages.

This LPA has not dealt with any similar proposals in the immediate vicinity of the application site, though it was to have refused a planning application for 1no wind turbine (119m height) at Shawell Quarry which was withdrawn (application ref. 13/00969/FUL).  A planning application for 1no wind turbine (66m height) at Mere Lane, Bitteswell (north of Magna Park) was approved (11/00756/FUL) and is operational.  And you will be aware of the Low Spinney and Swinford wind farms, both allowed at appeal.

The proposal’s public impacts on landscape, local residents’ amenity, heritage assets, wildlife, noise, highway safety and rights of way users, will need to be balanced against its public benefits in terms of renewable energy generation.

I trust that these comments will be of benefit to you in making a recommendation on the application and members of your Planning Committee in determining the application. Please inform Harborough District Council of the decision on the application in due course.

Nathanael Stock
Planning Officer (West Team)
Harborough District Council