Recommended Reading

There is a plethora of books being published on global warming and windfarms etc. We have picked out those we can strongly recommend for both content and enjoyment of the read .

  • " The windfarm scam " by Dr John Etherington (pub 2009), an ecologist who has worked closely with the lovely Angela Kelly who runs the brilliant country guardian website. A short book that is the top priority reading matter, covering the whole windfarm subject.  Check out Amazon best price

      David Bellamy says:  "Wind power is a swindle.....please read this book and find out why." 

  • " An appeal to reason - a cool look at global warming" by Nigel Lawson (pub 2008). A brief and elegant book by the Ex-Chancellor of the Exchequer is an appeal to avoid great harm to man and the planet. Check best Amazon price
  • " The real global warming disaster : Is the obsession with 'climate change' turning out to be the most costly scientific blunder in history? " by Christopher Booker (pub 2009). Amazon's biggest selling book on the subject. Check out best Amazon price
  • " Heaven and Earth. Global warming : the missing science " by Australian geologist Professor Ian Plimer (pub 2009).  A tomb of a book that gave the sceptic case a scientific underpinning and the lie to the phrase 'the science is settled'.  Chapter eight 'Et Moi' is a rewarding summary. Check out best Amazon price
  • " Scared to death.  From BSE to global warming: Why scares are costing us the earth" by Christopher Booker and Richard North (pub 2007). The book that gives an historical perspective to all the general scares from which we have suffered in the last 20 years. Check out best Amazon price