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The Times   20 December 2013

The lost gamble forcing up our energy bills


Turbines trash landscape benefit billionaires

Wind turbines trash the landscape for the benefit of billionaires. Energy policy is chaotic and incoherent.
The myth that wind power is 'free' has driven Britain's politicians mad.

An article in The Guardian on 6th December by Simon Jenkins


Global Warming Panic Over!

By Matt Ridley,  Member of the House of Lords.


Mini-Nukes the future

Mini-Nukes beat monster wind farms on every count.

by Christopher Booker     Sunday Telegraph 19 October 2013


The dirty secret of Britain's power madness

The dirty secret of Britain's power madness: Polluting diesel generators built in secret by foreign companies to kick in when there's no wind for turbines - and other insane but true eco-scandals.

An article by James Delingpole from the Mail on Sunday, 14th July 2013


Extreme weather, the new Global Warming

When the history of the global warming scare comes to be written, a chapter should be devoted to the way the message had to be altered to keep the show on the road.


Tax Payers Alliance Energy view

How the government’s energy policies will benefit a rich sheikh at the expense of the poor


Thoughtful article on Fracking

Shale gas will never be a panacea for Britain but it will bring invaluable energy – and jobs. We should all give our backing to fracking.


It's time to drill- Times leader

New estimates of Britain’s shale gas reserves beat even the most optimistic forecasts. The country needs companies to start drilling now.



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