Property de-valued

When people move to Churchover or Cotesbach and the surrounding area, to enjoy the beauty, peace and quiet of a conservation village and the fabulous countryside views and walks around the meandering Swift Valley, they paid a premium for their property in comparison to a less attractive area.

To not recognise the commonsense that these people will be financially affected when they want to move is a travesty, with anecdotal evidence overwhelming, but the wind lobby pretends it does not happen. 

Don't trust the wind lobby

A judge has ruled that there is a 20% loss of value

There has been a legal ruling on the loss of property value  against a couple in the Lake District who sold their house without telling the buyers that a wind farm was likely to be built nearby. The judge, Michael Buckley, upheld the purchasers’ claim that their house had been de-valued as a  result of the noise pollution, light flicker and damage to visual amenity caused by wind turbines, and he ordered the vendors to pay compensation of 20% of the purchase value of the house.

UK Local Councils are being forced to put turbine affected homes into lower Council Tax bands. But it doesn't make up for the loss in value.

See a recent (Oct 2013) report on an American study that the raw data shows a 28% loss in value. click here 

A new Australian study (Sept 2013) by Goulburn/Reardon finds losses up to 60% in house values near windfarms. click here

In April 2013 an Ontario, Canada Court Accepted 22% to 50% Loss of Property Values is Occurring Today; Court and Wind Company also Acknowledge Health and Noise Issues in Context of Motion. Click here