Windfarm inefficiences

Wind is free,  windpower is expensive

There are many inefficiences in wind power and we will develop this page when there is more time.

In the interim, let us mention that the closest windfarm to Rugby, the 95 metre high industrial turbines near Burton Latimer along the A14, have been operating, we are told, at an average capacity of only 19%.

Perhaps one of the reasons is because the midlands is a low-wind area - see the map below.
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Map of European wind resources

The problem we all have is that:

  • 1) the determination of planning permission is not allowed to take into account the inefficiency of wind power in comparison to other sources. Objections at the planning committee are only allowed on NIMBY reasons.

    Nevertheless there is nothing to stop you letting your MP know now about your objections on wider grounds. The Rugby MP Mark Pawsey can be emailed at
  • 2) Irrespective of the average low level of wind around Rugby, the ROC subsidies that the developers get are so high (which you and we are paying for, hidden in our electricity prices) the developers are still laughting all the way to the bank.