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A community fighting a divisive proposal

 A community divided.

We are all concerned that the windfarm issue will create divisions in the community.

We should all have great respect for farmers over the ages for maintaining and looking after the countryside, trimming the hedgerows, maintaining the copses and watermeadows etc on our behalf as we wander the foot and bridle paths and enjoy the ecology and wildlife. Farming and rural life have lived in coexistence for centuries.

Nevertheless it is not now surprising when land-owning families are able to profit (and substantial sums are involved) while the community pays for it through raised electricity prices (read more), that jealousy will be an emotion.

It was stated at the ASWAR launch meeting that we should not blame the 3 families around Churchover for taking the developer’s shilling.

Could any one of us truthfully say, if we were in the same position where our children would never have to work again, that we would do any different?   Perhaps, but it is a tough one.

There are farmers all round the area queuing up to try to cash-in on this appalling waste of our money.

How should the population around Rugby react?  We hope everybody will remain calm and rational and work through the democratic institutions to defeat this threat to our lives.

The ASWAR Action Group will try to give a lead in influencing the politicians for this is surely where the real enemy lies. It is those who have passed laws to encourage and subsidise developers to devastate rural communities with their industrial monsters, who should be blamed.

Don’t take the matter into your own hands. Combine with the whole community to win the fight.

10 years ago we stopped the wholly inappropriate and potentially devastating World Of Rugby retail park on land to the east of Churchover. We must now defeat the equally inappropriate and as devastating windfarm to the west and north of Churchover and wherever developers are planning windfarms in these inappropriate and low-wind locations (read more).

Our local MP, Mark Pawsey has congratulated us on the action we have taken so far. He has supported Chris Heaton-Harris’s (Daventry MP) wind turbine set-back Bill in parliament and has asked us to quote him saying “While I recognise the importance of increasing the proportion of electricity the country operates from renewable sources, it is important that the views of local residents are taken fully into account when proposals come forward.  I am calling for Government to provide some general guidance to Local Authorities over appropriate distances between residencies and the nearest wind turbines so that there may be more certainty within the planning process."  

We hope the local Rugby Conservative Party who is the majority ruling group on Rugby Council and who will decide the local determination, will make sure that the local council does everything possible to reject these threats to the rural communities around Rugby.

Help us be effective on your behalf. We need money to defend the community, donate now.