Toxic lakes and turbines

Are wind turbines clean?

 Toxic Lakes and Radioactive Waste!

 Rare-Earth mined factories in china

A typical wind turbine contains more than 8000 components. One such component are magnets in their generator. These magnets are made from neodymium and dysprosium, rare earth minerals mined (almost exclusively) in China.

The factories are standing next to toxic lakes (radiation levels 10x higher than the surrounding countryside) and mountain high banks of radioactive waste.


In 2012, in America alone, up to 6.1 million pounds of rare earth minerals were used in wind turbines, which created up to 6.1 million pounds of radioactive waste! Wind accounted for just 3.5% of all electricity generated in the US.


Does Ed Davey and his green mates care about the sick and disease-ridden Chinese and their toxic lakes!? Or is that what they call collateral damage?